Ryan Nunn - Apprentice


"You get paid to learn really valuable skills - and have a great time doing it!"


Which Apprenticeship are you following? 

I'm doing my apprenticeship in warehousing and storage, traffic office and HGV training. I'm based at the depot in Bury St Edmunds and started in September 2013. 


What was it about the Apprenticeship scheme that appealed to you in the first place? 

What I liked the sound of was the fact you get to learn about all the operational aspects of the business - you get to see all the steps involved in delivering a pallet - from the point the collection is booked all the way through to getting the customer signature upon delivery. Before working at XPO Logistics, I worked at a port, and saw all the forklifts and lorries driving around - I was really intrigued, so when I came across this apprenticeship scheme I jumped at the chance. 


What type of work have you been doing so far?

I've been working at XPO Logistics for eight months now primarily in a warehouse environment. I've been loading, un-loading, tipping containers, picking goods, wrapping goods ready for dispatch and other activities involved with operating a warehouse. More recently I've moved into the traffic office, dealing directly with drivers and customers, aand debriefing the drivers as they return to the depot after making all their deliveries. 


How would you sum up working for XPO Logistics? 

It's a really great atmosphere within the depot - everyone is really friendly and it's a positive environment to work in. We have fun, whilst focusing on getting the job done - in a safe manner, of course. 


What advice would you give anyone considering an Apprenticeship?

Go for it! You get paid to learn really valuable skills - and have a great time doing it! 


What are your hopes and plans for the future? 

I hope to have a career within XPO Logistics. My Apprenticeship programme will end in March 2016 and by then I will have all the skills and qualifications needed to cover any section within the depot.