Automotive & Industrial

Integrated up and downstream supply chain solutions that keep pace with your production line

We design robust transport and logistics solutions that take into account flow management in Europe and throughout the world. We have more than 35 years of experience working with key industry players to manage and improve their supply chain.

XPO Logistics' expertise in providing supply chain solutions to the Automotive & Industrial sector

  • Tailored to suit your schedules, products, raw materials and spare parts - at the right time and in the right place 
  • Full control and traceability of product flows through effective information sharing and tracking solutions
  • Strong import infrastructure whether your resources need shipping from Europe or Overseas
  • Innovative Transport solutions to meet the differing needs of our customers: 
  • KeyPL transport solutions provide 4PL management of multi-site operations, flows and products with a continuous drive for efficiency and optimisation
  • Through the Night delivery network distributes 50% of the UK's automotive aftersales parts to manned and unmanned sites across the UK each night
  • Shared-user storage or on-site logistics, with the latest Warehouse Management Systems and technology
  • Adaptable solutions to meet changing needs and growth of your business
  • Qualified expertise with a commitment to quality and environmental responsibility at XPO Logistics depots and customer sites