Construction & Manufacturing

Supply chain solutions to keep pace with fluctuating demands.

We work seamlessly across the construction and manufacturing industries to keep production flowing whilst continuously seeking efficiency improvements. Our transport and logistics solutions are developed specifically around your business taking into account production schedules, raw materials sourcing, storage and onward UK and international distribution.

XPO Logistics' expertise in the Construction & Manufacturing sector

  • We offer full traceability and control of your flows through effective information sharing and tracking solutions
  • Optimised UK and international flows to give you better control of your budget
  • Innovative transport solutions to meet the differing needs of manufacturers and suppliers: 
  • Our KeyPL solution supports manufacturers with 4PL management of multi-site operations, flows and materials with a continuous drive for efficiency and optimisation
  • With our Red Inside dedicated distribution solution we'll work in partnership with you, delivering to your customers on your behalf. We'll become an extension of your own workforce, displaying the same corporate identity and values as your own people.
  • We share our operational experience and excellence with our customers and their staff through training and best practice
  • All XPO Logistics solutions are designed and implemented by our experts who are all committed to ensuring maximum responsiveness and safety
  • We operate the greenest fleet in Europe, and display an active commitment to reducing CO₂ emissions and limiting the impact of our activities on the environment