Paper & Packaging

Supply chain solutions which flex according to the demands of your markets and customers

From paper rolls and cardboard reels to paper bags and stationery, our transport and logistics solutions can manage the production line from raw materials to finished products. We work collaboratively with paper and packaging companies to optimise the manufacturing process and add value to distribution.

XPO Logistics's expertise in managing the Paper & Packaging supply chain 

  • Full traceability across the supply chain through real-time track and trace and KPI monitoring
  • Inbound logistics - European transportation for raw materials and international products 
  • Innovative transport solutions to meet the differing needs of manufacurers and suppliers:
  • KeyPL transport solutions solutions provide 4PL management of multi-site operations, flows and products with a continuous drive for efficiency and optimisation 
  • With our Red Inside contract distribution solution we'll work in partnership with you, delivering to your customers on your behalf. We'll become an extension of your own workforce, displaying the same corporate identity and values as your own people. 
  • Shared-user storage to flex in accordance with seasonality in demand
  • On-site logistics - plus co-packing, co-manufacturing and product customisation options
  • UK pallet network - for last mile distribution of finished products to point of sale, retailers and distributors 
  • XPO Logistics operates the greenest fleet in Europe, and an active commitment to reducing CO₂ emissions and limiting the impact of our activities on the environment