Factory Clearance

A high quality, flexible transport service for manufacturers across all industry sectors 

XPO Logistics can provide the full range of inbound transport solutions that are based upon the efficient collection of goods from within factory environments with movement to the next stage in the supply chain or direct to customers.

Our solution

We provide a range of tailored transport solutions across differing sectors and supply chain models to meet production and despatch challenges:

  • Coordinated collection routines – single or multiple collection points
  • ‘Pulling’ goods along the supply chain rather than ‘pushing’
  • Domestic or International solutions covering all modes of transportation
  • Information Systems that provide visibility of goods in the supply chain with web based technology for all stakeholders
  • Integration of delivery and collection services – effective asset utilisation
  • Communication of inventory levels in stock and in transit with ‘by exception’ alerts for order status updates
  • Provision of stand trailers for pre-loading solutions
  • Effective ‘live loading’ operations with efficient arrival and departure performance
  • Integrated cross-dock solutions for ‘inventory light’ supply chains and onward movement of goods to customers
  • Leading Health & Safety performance


Your benefits 

Our ability to deliver cost effective, service driven factory clearance services enable:

  • Integration of a variety of supply chain services for full optimisation of product movement
  • Single service provider for ‘end to end’ distribution services, control and accountability
  • Single point of contact for stock visibility, service and performance reporting
  • Reduction in costs
  • Reduction in the number of different service providers and suppliers to manage and control
  • Reduction of inventory in the total supply chain
  • Improved and consistent service levels and significantly reduced order cycle lead times to end customers
  • Ability to ‘fast lane’ specific loads to meet end customer demand and expectation
  • Improved ‘on-shelf’ availability and replenishment performance
  • Allows customers to focus upon core manufacturing activities 



ISO 9001: 2008 & ISO 14001: 2004 accreditation, 24/7 manned security and regulation under HSG71.