Gifting & Personalisation

To delight your customers is the best way to develop your business.

Increasingly, this means doing more and increasing the impact of the in-room experience. With our range of gifting and personalisation options, we can help you gain competitive advantage.

XPO Logistics understands the need to place the consumer at the heart of everything. As such, making sure that our clients maintain competitive advantage means that we have expanded the scope and nature of our added value services. 


We provide a number of gifting services including:


  • Specialised packaging design and sourcing
  • Bespoke label printing and personalisation
  • Insertion of promotional material
  • Product customisation including ticketing
  • Make products "ready to use" - removing outer packaging, security tags etc.


With the ability to provide both core warehousing, eFulfilment and returns management alongside bespoke added value services, we can help differentiate your products to delight your customers and help develop your eCommerce business.