On Board Logistics

Our aviation, rail and portside logistics offering

Whether you are an Airline, an Airport operator, a retailer, a freight forwarder or an importer, On Board Logistics has a solution for you. Our offer includes Transport, Warehousing, Security and a wide range of value added services that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

With storage space across 200 sites in the UK, our shared-user or dedicated operations give you complete flexibility. Delivering high levels of pick accuracy, rapid order completion, flexible order cut off times, and the ability to handle diverse product ranges and all made possible by utilising skilled people and our functionality enriched warehouse management systems. Consolidation Centre operations are one of our core strengths, we have the capability to offer multi-temperature centres for all of your air, rail and port requirements, handling a varied product range with diverse cube variation and the ability to overcome the unique and complex challenges this brings.


Centres can be operated on behalf of airports / airlines or port centric clients. Our centres have the ability to provide you with a ‘one stop shop’ solution, removing steps out of your supply chain; including unnecessary road miles whilst reducing airport / port traffic and congestion and enhancing vehicle security and control. We are a regulated agent for cargo side and aviation security, operating in accordance with the National Aviation Programme. We also operate a number of bonded warehouses, both customs and excise, across the UK. 

Focus on: Manchester Airport

At Manchester Airport, our consolidation centre processes and security screens 1.3 million individual units for more than 50 airside retailers occupying 250,000 sq feet, spread across 3 terminals. In addition, all ambient, chilled and frozen goods destined for the catering and retail outlets at the airport are processed through our facility. Airport screening consolidation can be undertaken on behalf of the retailer directly or the airport operator.