On-site Logistics

A logsitics partner who can add value to your on-site logistics and manufacturing operations.

Using specialist expertise and resources, we offer a bespoke range of on-site logistics services to the Industrial and Manufacturing sectors; including backward integration of all logistics functions: waste collection, raw material handling, production planning, production movement and gatehouse control.

Our service offering

Our solution is based on being a single service provider for product handling warehousing and distribution, taking over your existing operation to bring service and cost benefits, through IT procurement and standardisation. We have the expertise to manage your factory operations, including; raw material handling, finished product handling, material management and management of finished goods.


We will quickly standardise your operating procedures providing IT systems that give you complete visibility of all product movements in real time. Our operation takes responsibility for all factory logistics, distribution centre management, inbound and outbound transport.


Your benefits

  • Standardised operating procedures,
  • Harmonisation of employee terms and conditions,
  • Improved Health & Safety record,
  • Procurement benefits for the 'whole fleet' including Handling Equipement,
  • Improved flexibility of direct staff, multi skilled workforce, new shift patterns,
  • Reduction in costs from absence and holiday cover,
  • Improved communication between Factory Planning and Inventory Management,
  • Improved product flow management between Factory Planning and Inventory Management / Distribution Centre,
  • Improved stock availability,
  • Improved customer service and replenishment activity,
  • Significant cost savings,
  • Reduced inventory levels.


Industry sectors

  • Chemicals, Pharma Diagnostics & Detergents,
  • Paper & Packaging,
  • Automotive & Materials Handling Equipment,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Food & Drink.



  • ISO 9001,
  • ISO 14001,
  • OHAS 18001.