XPO Logistics can help reduce activity in the back of store with a range of pre-retail services.

With pressure on maximising the revenue in retail premises, moving activities from the back of store up the supply chain can enable sales growth, deliver economies of scale and reduce costs.

At XPO Logistics, we understand the benefits of moving activities from the rear of store to further up the supply chain. This enables:


  • Better use of retail space – use for additional sales rather than storage and processing
  • Better productivity – economies of scale
  • Faster delivery times – essential in busy high streets and shared service yards


We can provide a range of services to ensure that stock is received in store, ready for sale. This includes:


  • Removal of packaging
  • Addition of price stickers, promotional labelling or swing tags
  • Application of security tags and RFID tags
  • Creation of shop ready, point of sales (POS) displays


Contact us and learn how we can deliver value to your business, reducing processing costs, unlocking the potential of your retail space and simplifying back of store activity.