Reverse Logistics

Bespoke solutions for your reverse supply chain

XPO Logistics works with many leading organisations across the UK and Europe. As well as providing core warehousing services and transport operations, we operate across the entire supply chain.


With the ability to reduce returns flows and improve margins, we can help improve your bottom line as well as the impact of your activities on the environment. 

Our innovative returns management systems and solutions aim to maximise stock value, recovering to full price rather than having to be sold at a discount, from scarves to sofas, tablets and toys, and even the kitchen sink. With both environmental obligations and commercial benefits, our dedicated and multi-client facilities manage and process returned items, returning value to items via: 


  • Garment care including steam tunnelling, ironing and pressing to restore to A stock
  • Spot cleaning of clothing and furniture items to remove stains
  • Sewing repairs (e.g replacement of buttons)
  • Disagnostic testing of electrical items
  • Re-kitting (i.e. adding missing parts to kits to form a complete item) 


Underpinning many of our operations is BACTRAC – our industry leading in-house returns management and disposition system. Designed to reduce cost, allow fast consumer refund decisions and increase recovery value, it enables you to effectively meet your environmental targets and obligations (such as WEEE compliance).