A UK network of strategically located ambient and temperature controlled warehousing facilities

Our extensive network of warehousing and distribution facilities are placed at strategic locations throughout the UK, offering customers unrivaled flexibility in both storage space and cost.

XPO Logistics provides a wide range of core warehousing services including:


  • Dedicated warehousing including automated and semi-automated solutions 
  • Shared-user warehousing allowing you to "pay as you use" in line with seasonal requirements
  • Bonded warehousing - manage customs and duty requirements on your behalf
  • COMAH warehousing - Upper and Lower Tier storage options for hazardous products


With proven IT expertise on client and our own robust core systems, we can provide primary and added value warehousing services including: 


  • Pallet storage - racked and bulk stack
  • Hanging, boxed and shelving solutions
  • Seasonal relief
  • Cross-dock and consolidation
  • High value storage
  • Vehicle parking and caravan storage 
  • Dedicated warehousing including automated and semi-automated solutions 


Our warehousing services form part of an end-to-end supply chain solution, allied to inbound movements, through to added value services and dispatch.