Bulk transport

Industry-leading standards in quality, safety and respect for the environment

As a manufacturer in the chemical/petrochemical, mineral or agrichemical sectors, you need your transport partner to handle your products in compliance with your quality, safety, hygiene and environmental requirements. As experts in bulk transport (powders and liquids), we strive for operational excellence and are considered the UK’s leader in this sector.

Our trained and responsible teams of drivers, operators, instructors and wash bay operatives are committed to a continuous improvement process, which involves certification procedures (ISO, SQAS, GMP, APLICA).


Our solutions guarantee

  • An expert solution, whether your sector be solid and liquid chemicals, intermediate plastics (PE, PP, PS, PVC), mineral and bulk products (cements, lime, alumina, bitumen), hydrocarbons (fuels, domestic heating oils) or foods (sugar, flour, starch),
  • Compliance with your safety and security requirements,
  • High technical standards for handling during loading/unloading (dangerous substances),
  • Quality risk management for your products (contamination, product mix, food products, etc.).


Our expertise in bulk transport and the chemicals sector

  • A specialised fleet for all your requirements,
  • HACCP certified quality process,
  • ADR trained drivers,
  • An integrated network of CEFIC approved tank cleaning facilities,
  • IBC management and silo evacuation services,
  • Added value services such as drumming, blending, mixing, sampling and packing,
  • COMAH Top Tier warehouses strategically located across the UK,
  • In-house 24 hour level 1 and 3 emergency response support.