International Road Transport

Looking for a reliable transport partner to move your goods throughout Europe? Look no further.

International road transport is the founding activity of our company, and one on which we have built a reputation of reliability and credibility. We make 650 channel crossings daily and with one of the largest international hazardous goods networks that spans the whole of Europe, whatever your product, EU countries are no more than 72 hours away.

At XPO Logistics we understand your business depends on fast, efficient distribution of your products and supplies across borders and through European markets. 

Our international distribution solutions

  • Importing from and exporting to Europe, as well as cross border distribution,
  • Door to door full trailer load (FTL) service to 45 European countries,
  • 100% ADR compliance throughout Europe, with expertise in handling all classes of hazardous goods,
  • Robust, strong presence across Europe thanks to our 35 years of International transport experience,
  • Flexible service, with the capacity to respond to urgent requirements and daily commitments,
  • Temperature controlled vehicles available for chilled distribution solutions.


Your benefits 

  • A local service via our pan-European transport infrastructure tailored to fit your needs,
  • Bespoke solutions built around your transport requirements, with customs clearance handled where required,
  • European pallet distribution through Red Europe – scheduled, reliable pallet and part load deliveries when you don’t have a full trailer load,
  • Knowledge that your goods are transported by the greenest fleet in Europe with 95% of our vehicles meeting Euro IV and V standards,
  • MyND, our client web portal for online booking and delivery receipts.