Night Distribution

Out-of hours distribution for optimum efficiency

Our night distribution solutions provide suppliers with express stock delivery at the touch of a button. With many consumers now wanting instant product availability, distribution through the night provides next-day availability of your stock by 8am. Suppliers gain the financial and security benefits of reduced stock holding on-site, whilst retaining a high quality service. With an extended order cut-off until 6pm and online booking system, XPO Logistics’ night network delivers a flexible stock replenishment solution. ​

Our solution

  • Highly reliable and competitive out-of-hours deliveries for overnight stock replenishment
  • Flexible order process, with orders processed until 6pm for delivery before 8am next day
  • Experienced drivers to handle deliveries into both manned and unmanned sites
  • Comprehensive security training for drivers to manage deliveries into locked sites
  • Range of delivery modules safely handled, including cages, pallets, cartons and tote boxes
  • Added value services such as store logistics, packaging removal, online returns management and outbound vehicle loading
  • Optimised transport by identifing potential shared-user routing across the network
  • Full track and traceability with GPRS and handheld scanner technology


Your benefits

  • Improved service levels and product availability for your customers, overnight delivery ensures items are available the following day
  • Cost savings achieved by avoiding daytime road congestions and load bay delays to reduce operating times
  • Secure night deliveries into un-manned sites frees up resources to concentrate on customer service and merchandising
  • Inventory levels for both you and your customers are reduced
  • Full track and trace gives you visibility when you need it
  • Your carbon footprint is reduced as vehicles run more efficiently.