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Our Company

People, technology, assets and expertise that work together around the globe to help our customers succeed.

XPO is a top ten global provider of transportation and logistics services. We run our business as one highly integrated network of people, technology and physical assets in 32 countries, with concentrations in Europe and North America.

We use our network of approximately 100,000 employees and 1,540 locations to help companies manage their goods more efficiently throughout their supply chains. Our people are passionate about helping our customers achieve their strategic objectives by improving their productivity and reducing costs.

As companies increasingly turn to XPO for supply chain solutions, we empower our employees to deliver world-class service through our information technology. We have a global team of approximately 1,700 IT professionals who can innovate quickly for customers. Often, this involves customised solutions that are tailored to specific sectors and adapt to variables such as seasonality.

Today, XPO is on the radar in every industry that requires transportation or logistics. We are working closely with companies to look at their entire supply chains, from point of origin to the end-consumer, to identify opportunities. This collaborative approach is a major reason why our customers trust us with more than 160,000 shipments and seven billion inventory units daily.